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The transport and logistics are determined links in the chain of production and distribution of your product. They contribute to the success of your activity and the diffusion of your image.

Our goal is to provide our clients useful, reliable, cost saving service, information and advice, select the service that meets their requirements.

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We suggest different options to choose from, according to your companies desires. We recommend the correct multimodal transport solutions as well as covering door to door services from the moment your cargo is ready going through stuffing, customs clearing,
inland haulage, bill of lading handling till the delivery of your goods at any place in Egypt,
both for export and import and whether combined or separate from other services of
international transports.

We maintain commercial relationship with colleagues from abroad that can act in coordination with us if clients require these services in other countries.

In this field as well that in the rest of our activities we are pleased to cooperate as correspondents with other prestige companies of many different countries in their requirements concerning in or out traffic, as well as in the ones generated by ourselves.

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